2018 VBS happenings

The VBS theme this year was “JESUS RESCUES”

Our June VBS is now memory only…..Nice memories though.

Favorite takeaways:

  • Seeing the children dancing to the VBS songs and learning the hand signals from our “Dance Crew” upfront.
  • Even though the kids liked all the music, it appeared that “My Lighthouse” was the most requested song…over and over…..
  • Duck, Duck, Goose was the inside game most requested.
  • The crafts were awesome and very cool to make..
  • Drama was very Dramatic
  • Pictures tell us the Games on the Hill were fun and weird.
  • Pastor Steve’s favorite pal was Sloe Moe the Sloth.
  • Pictures also tell us that the kids loved the Movie Videos.
  • Snacks held a special place in the kid’s hearts, plus the Thursday night dinner was awesome.
  • We had a group of team and adult leaders who were awesome.
  • Awesome decorations which reminded everyone of the bible stories.

Bible School is an all church activity with everyone involved in some part.  It takes months to put together, but the joy in the eyes of the children and the fact that they are learning, no matter what, that "JESUS RESCUES” makes the work amazing.  Thanks to everyone.